General conditions



1. Scope
These General Conditions and Rules of Use regulate the relationship between the user or/and legal representative and ROCKBLOC FITNESS, S.L.U., during their stay at the facilities and/or while participating in any activity organized by the entity. The facilities of ROCKBLOC FITNESS, S.L.U (MONOBLOC trademark) include:

- Climbing walls with autobelays
- Bouldering area
- Fitness and specific training equipment area
- Multi-purpose room
- Changing rooms
- Common areas
- Cafeteria
- Terrace and exterior area

2. Informed consent
The user and/or his legal representative acknowledge:

A. The understanding that the different modalities of climbing that can be practiced at MONOBLOC are not exempt of risk, and that although it can be greatly reduced with correct use of the facility, adopting the appropriate safety measures and following these Rules of Use, this activity carries inherent, imponderable risks.

B. Receiving complete and sufficient information and instruction on the characteristics of the activity and having read these General Conditions and Rules of Use.

C. To be in adequate physical and mental condition to participate in the activity, and to be free from any illness or physical limitation that prevents it, or that may be triggered during its development.

D. To know and accept that his/her participation involves risk to his/her physical integrity and that of others, which includes, but is not limited to: injuries, illnesses, sensory impairments, loss of body parts, permanent disabilities, or even death.

E. To understand that, due to their geographic location and the conditions in which some of the activities organized by MONOBLOC may take place, these may be affected by adverse situations such as weather, natural disasters, political or social instability, and other similar ones, which could lead to damages for the user and their assets, or the modification of the activity, the suspension of some of the activities or planned location, and even their cancellation.

F. To know and accept that the risks of participating in the activity cannot be fully controlled, neither by the user himself nor by MONOBLOC, thus assuming the possible negative consequences that may arise from the activity provided that MONOBLOC has not acted with due diligence, manifest malicious intention or negligence depending on the circumstances.

G. To have been informed and accept that, if the user has a health problem, MONOBLOC will give him/her free assistance in the field, exclusively limited to first aid by non-medical personnel and, if necessary, stabilization until the transfer occurs by part of those responsible for the health center or hospital considered by Emergency Services. This excludes medical equipment, medicine, surgical treatments or others that must be provided by healthcare personnel.

H. In the event that, under the user's guardianship, a minor participates, the assumptions and statements in this document include the minor.

3. Opening Hours and Access Restrictions

MONOBLOC opening hours are listed in ANNEX I. MONOBLOC Opening Hours

4. Access to the Facilities

To access the MONOBLOC facilities, registration at the reception is mandatory. MONOBLOC may issue membership cards for its members or authorized users that will identify the authorized holder, the subscription category and the member's customer number. The card is an identifying element of the member so it must be treated with the pertinent diligence. In the event of loss or theft of the membership card:

A. The holder must notify MONOBLOC as soon as possible in order to issue a new card and update the user's account.

B. The holder is responsible for all charges made with the card before the notification of the loss or theft of the membership card. The replacement or substitution of the membership card has a cost of five euros (€ 5.00). All membership cards are the property of MONOBLOC and must be returned to MONOBLOC at the end of the subscription. The user declares and guarantees that personal information and bank details are correct and truthful and undertakes to keep them updated at all times.

5. Minors and people with disabilities
Minors and people with disabilities need some prerequisites to access the facility. Minors between the ages of 16 and 18 may only access the MONOBLOC facilities with the express consent of at least one legal representative. Children under 15 years of age may only access the facility with the express consent of at least one legal representative who must remain at the facility. Children under 12 years of age may only access the facility with the express consent of at least one legal representative who must remain with the minor in the facility. The legal representative accepts that the minor uses the facilities and / or participates in a MONOBLOC activity in accordance with these Terms of Use. Youth activities, summer camps, and youth classes / events / competitions may be subject to age restrictions, and participation in them will be subject to the express consent of at least one legal guardian. MONOBLOC may deny enrollment in activities, access to the facilities or limit access to minors for security reasons or inappropriate behavior.

6. Prices and conditions
The prices are shown in Annex II. Prices. All prices and conditions are available on our website and on the premises. In the event of differences, the latest published version will be binding.

7. Rental and loan of material
The conditions for the rental or loan of material by MONOBLOC are set out in ANNEX III. Rental and loan of material.

8. General rules of use

It is mandatory to register at the reception when entering MONOBLOC and, upon departure, return any material rented or received on loan. Caution, common sense, and politeness should be exercised at all times. Smoking and drugs consumption are prohibited both inside and outside of MONOBLOC. Alcohol can only be sold to adults over 18 years of age and consumed in the designated space of the cafeteria. Anyone showing any signs of alcohol or drug intoxication will be denied entry. Drinks and food must be consumed in the cafeteria. Access to the interior of the climbing walls, sealed areas, private areas and areas marked as "authorized personnel only" and "entry prohibited" is prohibited. If the user needs assistance, they should contact MONOBLOC personnel. Only MONOBLOC staff or persons authorized by MONOBLOC can teach. Any other person giving paid lessons will be asked to leave the MONOBLOC premises and their right of entry may be revoked without compensation. Any issue with the climbing walls, the equipment, the installation or the bad behavior of any user must be reported directly to the MONOBLOC staff. Good practice, health and safety signs posted at MONOBLOC facilities must be complied with at all times. The user is informed of the existence of a video surveillance circuit throughout the center, except in changing rooms and lockers.


9. Climbing rules with autobelay
The specific rules for autobelay climbing are set out in Annex IV. Climbing rules with autobelay.

10. Bouldering rules
The specific rules for this type of climbing are set out in Annex V. Rules for bouldering.

11. Specific rules for groups and courses
The specific rules applicable to groups and courses are set out in Annex VI. Specific rules for groups and courses.

12. Personal belongings
Personal belongings and material must be stored only in the lockers or spaces provided for this purpose. MONOBLOC is not responsible for the objects that may be lost or stolen in any of the facilities, including the parking areas, nor in particular, for the objects that are deposited in the lockers. MONOBLOC recommends that users do not bring any valuables to the facilities nor leave any valuables in the lockers. Objects left in the changing room lockers or anywhere else in the facility will remain as lost property for a maximum period of 3 weeks. If within this period they are not claimed by their owner, the management of the center will deliver said objects to a charity. The lockers are for daily use: during the closing process of the facility all lockers will be opened by the personnel designated for this purpose. In the event that a locker contains personal items, these will be kept for a period of 15 days. If within this period the they are not claimed for at reception, management will deliver said objects to a charity.

13. Notification in case of defect
The user agrees to immediately notify MONOBLOC staff of any deterioration or problem observed at the center, thus creating a safer environment for users and eliminating potential risks. Failure to notify will carry relevant legal consequences for negligent action.

14. Images and Personal Data
The user and / or their legal representative authorizes MONOBLOC to use their name and image to carry out promotional or advertising activities for MONOBLOC. The user may not take videos and photographs on the premises without the express authorization of MONOBLOC. In accordance with the Organic Law on Protection of Personal Data 15/1999, user data will be included and processed in a user file whose administrator is Dmitry Zaytsev. The user expressly authorizes that their data be used for user management of the facilities, the activities of MONOBLOC, as well as for carrying out commercial and marketing information campaigns. Interested parties may exercise their right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose to their data, by writing and providing a photocopy of their ID or identification document, under the terms provided in the Law, to the person responsible for the File: MONOBLOC. Sabadell Street, 24 Reus, 43204.

15. Non-compliance
Failure to comply with these rules will be cause for automatic expulsion from the facilities and permanent termination as a MONOBLOC customer without any compensation. MONOBLOC reserves the right to limit or prevent the right of admission to the facilities for reasons of security or inappropriate behavior.

16. Additional Provisions
MONOBLOC may modify, develop and update these General Conditions and their annexes. These changes will take effect immediately after their publication on the facilities and website. In the event of differences, the binding version will be that of the latest date.

16. Insurance
According to current legislation, Rockbloc Fitness SLU has contracted a civil liability insurance whose extent will depend on the maximum authorized capacity. However, injuries derived from incorrect practices and caused by the user will not be covered by said insurance and it is the users who must bear the consequences.

Annex I. Opening Hours of MONOBLOC
Opening hours:
- Monday to Friday from 9 am to 10 pm
- Saturday and Sunday from from 10 am to 8pm
- Holidays to be confirmed

During special events and competitions, MONOBLOC may not open to the general public, and/or limit access.
MONOBLOC may temporarily limit access to certain areas of the facility for reasonable grounds and circumstances, such as teaching classes, competitions, special events, cleaning/maintenance work, routesetting.
These partial limitations do not justify the refund of the ticket price.

Annex II. Prices
Subscriptions are non-refundable. Single-day tickets and memberships must be paid before accessing the facilities. Payments and prepayments for tickets, memberships, courses, competitions, events, groups, parties, etc. can be made in cash or by card.
MONOBLOC reserves the right to review the prices and conditions as notified in the facilities and on the website at any time. The application of the conditions in effect on the day of registration of any service paid in advance will be maintained for the duration agreed upon on the date of registration.
Day tickets and all types of subscription (monthly, semi-annual, annual) are personal and non-transferrable. Single-day tickets are valid only on the day of purchase. The 10-session tickets are not transferrable. Unused sessions are non-refundable.

MONOBLOC reserves the right to deny membership registration as well as the associated conditions or benefits.

In case of injury, illness or for other reasons of absence, memberships can be suspended for a maintenance fee of € 9 per person, which must be paid by means of a SEPA direct debit order. The minimum duration of this suspension is one month. The maximum duration of this suspension is 5 months. To register for the maintenance fee, the member must notify it 5 days in advance. Members who have suspended this subscription cannot enjoy membership benefits.

Monthly subscriptions start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month. Unused days are not refundable. Members who contract a new service through a monthly subscription once the month has started will pay the full amount for the month, either in cash or by card.

To unsubscribe from any service for which payment is via direct debit, users must notify it in writing before the 25th of the month prior to termination to the following address:

Direct debit receipts for monthly payments and maintenance fees will be charged at the beginning of the month. Any bank commission charged due to insufficient funds or a rejected / withheld receipt will be borne by the user. The Deposit is intended for this purpose.

Annex III. Rental and loan of equipment
In order to rent equipment, the rental fee will have to be paid. The user will be responsible for the rented material, having to replace it in case of deterioration, loss or theft. The return of material must be done before leaving the facilities.

Annex IV. Climbing rules with autobelays
To make use of the PERFECT DESCENT autobelay facilities, it will be necessary to pass a security test and obtain the corresponding accreditation to be able to climb. For this end, the MONOBLOC staff will carry out the appropriate checks.
Do not distract users while they are in the process of putting on the safety gear (harness, safety carabiner).

You should never stand under any user who is climbing. A safe distance must be maintained in climbing areas.
For your safety, or in case of doubt, do not use any climbing equipment, material or technique without the supervision of a competent person. You should consult a member of the MONOBLOC staff.
The use of liquid chalk is mandatory to maintain a pleasant environment. Use chalk responsibly.

Basic rules
- It is expressly forbidden to climb unbound above the restriction line.
- It is forbidden to carry out maneuvers at height, such as belay stations, rappels, route cleaning maneuvers, etc.
- It is mandatory to always use certified material in good condition.
- Before starting each route, it is mandatory to perform a security check.
- It is not allowed to hold onto any metallic element of the structure.
- The safety carabiner of the autobelay must be anchored to the ventral ring of the harness. Once the user has finished climbing, he/she will have to bind the carabiner to the end of the triangle, where it was.
- It is not allowed to stand on the autobelay landing line. It is necessary to respect that safety space.
- It is not allowed to use the autobelay sling as a means of progression.
- During the descent, walk backwards down the wall: it is not allowed to jump or swing during the descent.
- Autobelays can only be used on the lines where they are installed, and cannot be used to climb up nearby routes.
- If you do not know how to use autobelays safely, check with the MONOBLOC staff before using them.

Annex V. Bouldering rules
- Access to the ground floor is not allowed to kids under 12 years of age, except for monitored activities with an instructor or under the strict supervision of an adult in charge.
- Before climbing, make sure that you will not bother or interfere with another climber on the wall.
- The use of liquid chalk is mandatory.
- It is not allowed to consume food or beverages on the mat surface.
- Do not leave material on the surface of mats such as shoes, clothing, telephones, etc.
- Do not sit on the mats or under the overhangs if you are not climbing.
- Whenever possible, do not jump from high points; try to downclimb: a casual bad fall can be the cause of injury.
- Spot and take care of your colleagues and climbing partners.
- Brush the boulders. We have brushes at your disposal.
- Pay maximum attention to other climbers and respect other climbers.
- Do not climb over, under or walk under a climber.
- Descend from the boulders always in a controlled way. Give a verbal warning to alert others on the mat.
- It is forbidden to boulder with a harness on.

Annex VI. Specific rules for groups and courses
Participation in the courses (also called activities, classes and training) requires pre-registration and prepayment and depends on availability. Members will have priority to sign up.
Reservations for individual and group activities offered by MONOBLOC can be canceled free of charge 48 hours before the activity, communicating the cancellation by email to
Cancellations made within less than 48 hours in advance will not generate the right to a refund. For youth events, competitions and programs, special cancellation rules may apply, according to the particularities of the event. The applicable cancellation rules will be communicated in due time.

MONOBLOC may modify or cancel the courses for duly justified reasons. In the event of cancellation by MONOBLOC, participants will be notified and fully reimbursed except in cases of force majeure.

In compliance with the duty of information established in article 5 of Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data, you are informed that your personal data will be incorporated into an automated file of personal data, which has been created and duly registered in the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, under the responsibility of Rockbloc Fitness SLU, in order to maintain the relationship with the user, management, administration, provision and improvement of the services provided by Rockbloc Fitness SLU.

The user who provides their personal data gives their express consent to receive advertising and commercial communications from MONOBLOC, in order to inform them of offers and advertising communications of the services, in compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 on Protection of Personal Data in its Art.6, as well as in Law 34 / 2.002 on Information Services and Electronic Commerce in the terms of its Article 21 for commercial communications made through email or equivalent electronic communications means.

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?
The organization accountable for is Rockbloc Fitness SLU with address at Sabadell Street, 24. 43204. Reus.

Who is the Data Protection Delegate?
He is the one responsible for ensuring diligent compliance with the regulations on personal data protection. You may contact us at the postal address of Rockbloc Fitness SLU or at the email address

How have we obtained your personal data?
We have obtained your personal data through the previous relationships that you have maintained with Rockbloc Fitness SLU, either because of your status as a member, because you have signed up for our activities or because you have requested that we send you promotional information about our activities.

What personal data do we process?
Data necessary to maintain the relationship with you: Name and Surname, ID number / NIF / NIE / CIF, email, telephone, date of birth, purchases made. We also inform you that we will treat any additional data that you voluntarily provide us during future relationships and interactions that you maintain with MONOBLOC, including those that you contribute to us through a social network or other application. These data depend on your own privacy settings, use of the social network or application, as well as the privacy policies of each social network or application, so we recommend that you read them carefully before providing us with data through said social networks or applications.

Why do we process your personal data?
We process the data for the following purposes: To improve the MONOBLOC service; to send information about MONOBLOC via phone, email, even when our relationship has ended, unless the interested party states otherwise. To send invites to acts or events organized by MONOBLOC. For carrying out satisfaction surveys. Additionally, we also process your data to send, even by electronic means, promotional communications about activities, campaigns and initiatives of a similar nature to those that you have previously participated in. The interested party may object to receiving this type of promotional communications, now or at any other time, by sending an email to the email address of or by directing a request to our postal address, to the attention of the Delegate of Data Protection.

The provisions contained in these conditions of use will be governed and interpreted in accordance with Spanish legislation. Unless expressly prohibited by law, for the resolution of all disputed issues arising from these conditions of use, or relating to the breach, interpretation, resolution or validity of any provision of the Website, the parties, by mutual agreement, submit to to the jurisdiction and jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Reus, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.


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