Any doubts? Here you'll find the answers.

Do I need to register or sign any form?
Yes: First comers will have to read and sign our Terms and Conditions and create their MONOBLOC ID. Visitors under 16 will need the authorization of and adult. Start climbing now!
Who can climb?
Everyone can climb! Climbing is an instinct for humans. Whether you're a kid or a grownup, whether you're into sports or not: if you want to find out what climbing's about, come to Monobloc.
What type of climbing is there at Monobloc?
Our gym is mainly a bouldering gym: over 700 square meters of climbing area! We also have a wall with autobelays (for you to climb up with a harness) and a complete functional gym.
What is bouldering about?
Bouldering is a type of climbing where you don't need ropes to practice it. But don't worry, falls are safe! Under the walls, which are no higher than 4.5 meters, there are crash mats that will soften your fall. In this way everyone can start climbing straight away because there's no need to know about safety manoeuvres or equipment use: you'll only need climbing shoes, chalk and the wish to have fun. Bouldering is athletic, challenging, fun and social. Come over to try, and you'll see you'll want more!
Do I need to bring any special equipment?
You'll need climbing shoes and liquid chalk. If you don't have any, you'll be able to rent or buy everything in our shop. Remember to wear comfortable clothes or sportswear.
Do you rent climbing shoes?
Yes: We've got TENAYA climbing shoes for you to rent: they're perfect for your first times at the gym or if you'd like to invite friends over to try out; however, it's always better to have your own pair of shoes, which you can buy at our shop.
Is there any introductory course or I can start on my own?
Our climbing gym is designed for you to come and, after a brief introduction, start climbing.
Of course, your first steps will be much more fluid if you take our Indoor Climbing Taster Course. In this course you will learn all the basics to climb with autonomy and security at the gym and, above all, to make safe, good progress in bouldering.
Is it easy to park around Monobloc?
There are no parking issues around Monobloc! Even in our peak times you'll be able to park nearby. Besides, yes: parking is free.
Can I come with kids?
Our climbing gym is more oriented towards an adolescent and adult public. Kids under 12 are welcome but will have to be supervised by an adult in charge during their whole stay. If you'd like for the little ones to start climbing, check out our Monobloc KIDS section.
Since when can a kid start climbing?
Usually when they're around 5 years old, though there's always the innate climber who wants to start before.

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