Group Training


Though climbing is an individual sport, you'll learn faster and better in a group led by our coaches. In our group training sessions you'll learn all you need to train safely and progress having fun and, also, you'll meet your future climbing partners.





Beginners group

Criteria for participating in this group:

● You've been climbing for less than a year
● You can do blue boulders but can't manage to do green boulders consistently.
● You're 17 or older.


La Rambla

Avanced group

Criteria for participating in this group:

● You've been climbing for over a year
● You can easily and consistently do green boulders. You can do some yellow boulders and are working on orange and red ones.

● You're 17 or older





Rookies (beginners)

Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 12 pm

Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm


La Rambla (advanced)

Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm




Enthusiast Membership - twice-a-week training and limited access to the gym: you can only come for the lessons

€45 per month

Fanatic Membership - twice-a-week training + unlimited access to the gym

€90 per month

Addict Membership - twice-a-week training + unlimited access to the gym + 1 group outdoor climbing session with guide

€120 per month


*Direct debit memberships

*Registration at Monobloc




1. Who is this activity meant for?

It's for anyone looking to improve their climbing level, have a good time and enjoy climbing in a safe environment. We'll develop comprehensive training programs and we'll work on all the aspects of the climber.

2. How many participants are the per group?

The group opens with a minimum of 4 participants and has a maximum of 10 participants per coach.

3. How do I register?

At reception in Monobloc. This is a direct debit membership.

4. I've had injuries before. Can I train anyway?

Yes, you can: the coach will adapt the training to your needs and tending to your previous injuries.

5. Who are the coaches?

They are qualified coaches with vast experience training climbers.

6. Will we learn safety concepts?

During the outdoor outings you'll learn safety concepts such as belaying, knots, belay stations, etc.

7. Does the training last the whole year?

We'll program the training based on the school calendar: we won't be training during August nor July.

8. Can I participate in the outdoor climbing activities if I hace Enthusiast or Fanatic membership?

Yes: you'll only need to pay for the outdoor climbing activity fee, which is €45.

9. Can I stay at the gym climbing after the training session?

You can come and climb before or stay climbing after the session as long as you have the Fanatic or Addict membership.

10. If I have the Enthusiast membership, when can I come to the gym?

You can come 15 minutes before the session starts.

11. When can I start with a training group?

You can start anytime.

12. If I start training at Rookies and I improve, can I change to La Rambla group?

Yes: we'll do an assessment of the group every three months, and those in conditions to pass on to the next group will be able to do so.



Climb, climb, climb! Our coaches and team live by this sport and you'll be caught by their psyche straight away!




Graduate Sports Scientist and Physiotherapist specialised in upper limb pathology evaluation and treatment. Climber, sports addict and mountain lover.






Indoor Climbing Taster Course


Personal Coaching


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